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The Boutique Manicure
Our Boutique Manicure is our signature manicure and enlist our seasonal sugar scrub followed by hot towels then lotion with a hand massage.

– Exfoliation of dead skin.
– Hydrates hands.

The Palazzo Manicure
We use an antiseptic gloves rich in keratin for our Palazzo Manicure its fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, intensively moisturizing the hands followed by a hand massage to deeply penetrate the treatment leaving your hands feeling soft and rejuvenated.

– Strengthen nails.
– Deeply moisturizes hands.
– Very Rich in vitamins.
– Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.



The Boutique Pedicure
The Boutique Pedi is our signature pedicure and enlists our seasonal sugar scrub to gently exfoliate while hydrating your legs and feet followed by the application of our signature lotion and paraffin treatment to the heels.

– Exfoliates and hydrates legs and feet.
– Softens and moisturizes feet.

The Soho Pedicure
Our Soho Pedicure is a truly unique experience… Submerge your feet in a translucent pillow of jelly, stimulating your blood circulation while opening your pores and intensely hydrating your feet.

– Softens dry heels.
– Helps stimulate blood circulation.

The Fifth Avenue Pedicure
Enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of lavender in our Fifth Avenue Pedicure… Soak your feet in a lavender mint bath while we wrap your feet in our lavender moisture mask to deeply penetrate the legs. We then remove the mask using our lavender sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells followed by a soothing de-stressing massage with our lavender mint massage cream.

– Relieves stress and tension.
– Calms and relaxes skin.
– Moistures dry skin.

The Rodeo Drive Pedicure
The Rodeo Drive Pedicure is a refreshing combination of coconut and lime, the tropical aroma will lighten up your sense of relaxation. Your feet will be placed in warm water with coconut fizz, fresh lime and coconut milk. This will help remove toxins, exfoliate your legs and feet with our coconut lime scrub and then be cleansed with our shower gel, followed by a glycolic mask and tropical blend of hot oil in booties with a 10-minute massage.

– The combination of the coconut and lime fizz ball will detox away toxins from your body.
– The coconut and lime will exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize the feet.
– Enhances skin protection, due to a significant amount of lauric acid found in the fruits.
– The ingredients in this pedicure have an antibacterial agent as well as an antifungal agent.

The Beverly Hills Pedicure
Let your feet enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a our Beverly Hills Pedicure. Soak your feet in our detoxing green tea foot soak while we exfoliate your legs with a baking soda scrub to remove dead skin Adding a green tea moisture mask to help rebuild damaged cells followed by our therapeutic hot stone massage using an intensive massage cream and body oils rich in vitamins leaving your feet soft and rejuvenated before sealing your feet with a glycerin heal protectant lotion.

– Rehydrate and relaxes stressed skin.
– Soothes and nourish your skin with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.
– Hot stones stimulate the muscles.
– Has natural antioxidants to help repair and rebuild skin.

The Madison Avenue Pedicure
Indulge your feet in a champagne mineral soak, to soften your skin cells followed by a glass filled with champagne and rose pedals infused with aromatherapy oils. Your legs will be exfoliated with grape seed sugar scrub and wrapped with a rose pedal and champagne moisture mask, accompanied by hot grape seed oil in heated booties and a 10 minute hot stone and rose butter cream massage.

– Removes dead skin cells.
– Helps fade anti-age spots.
– The anti-agent mask has a powerful antioxidant, which helps deeply hydrates and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
– The properties in the grape oil contain a large variety of vitamins.
– The rocks relax your muscles and stimulate pressure points in your feet.


The Princess Pedicure
The perfect treat for your little princess. We use gentle products perfect for their delicate skin, to pamper their tiny toes in a pillow of jelly. The fun treatment will not only leave them with baby soft feet but also an enjoyable experience.


The King of Prussia Pedicure
Our King of Prussia Pedicure really is fit for a King. Let us soak your feet in a our mint mojito foot soak infused with fresh mint leaves, lime and rum, to break down the rough and tired skin, loosen calluses and deodorize your feet before exfoliating the legs and feet with a baking soda scrub accompanied by a mint mask to rehydrate your skin. Enjoy a hot stone massage to loosen tired muscles before we apply a cooling foot and leg lotion.

– Stimulates circulation and provides relief to sore and tired muscles.
– Soothes dry cracked feet.
– Helps prevents nail disease and odor.
– Heals via restoration and antioxidants.

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