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The Boutique Manicure
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The Boutique Pedicure
Under construction.

The Madison Avenue Pedicure
Champagne foot soak with rose pedals, champagne and grape seed sugar scrub,champagne infused leg masque, paraffin wax & heated booties followed by a 10 min foot massage with rose scented body souffle.

The Bal Harbor Pedicure
Silk syrup and candy sprinkles foot soak, bubble gum and dead sea salt exfoliating scrub, hydrating vitamin E masque, paraffin wax followed by 10 min massage with tropical body lotion.

The Rodeo Drive Pedicure
Lemon drop silk syrup soak, sweet lemon scrub, paraffin wax and 10 min leg and foot massage with whipped lemon souffle.

The Beverly Hills Pedicure
Short description of the product.

The 5th Avenue Pedicure
Mint chocolate chip foot soak with chocolate bath sprinkles. Mint sugar scrub, mint leg masque, paraffin wax and 10 min foot massage with whipped cream body lotion.

The Princess Pedicure

Cotton candy and bubble gum foot soak, cupcake sugar scrub, chocolate leg masque followed by massage with whipped body frosting.

The King of Prussia Pedicure
Mojito foot soak, lime & mint sugar scrub, mint masque for legs and feet, paraffin wax and 10 min massage with lime body souffle.


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